Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Heart Faces Weekly Photo Challenge Week 50 ~ Pets

I was excited when I saw the them for this week's photo challenge as I have MANY photos of both my girl (Bailey) and family and friends pets...the hardest part was deciding which one to enter. I chose this one of Bailey, ONE: because who can resist that sweet face, and TWO: because it has a Christmas theme, and I can't wait to get home and get finished up and ready for Christmas, even if it means leaving the sunshine for frigid cold!

The challenge this week was made a little more tough by the fact that I am traveling and in Dubai. Yes, as in the United Arab Emirates. Blogger thinks that because I am in Dubai, I should understand Arabic and has all of the links on their pages in Arabic...let's just say it took me more than 3 tries to even figure out how to log into my own account. Happily, I figured it out, and you can see my lady looking like an angel in front of the Christmas tree. Shukran (thank you) for visiting and have a happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. beautiful angle! love the tree in the back. My lab wont stay still long enough to photograph by the tree. LOL.

  2. Thanks, Dreama,
    Bailey is getting old...so she's a bit more lazy and will sit still for me a little longer than she used to :)

  3. I LOVE Bailey!!! She is such a good girl. Nice touch with the Christmas Tree in the background! Happy Holidays, Safe Travels Home! PS: I'm following your blog now too! yay!